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Server News

Announcements about what the server doing and all that stuff.

StupidCraft 2.1 Update

We have been working tirelessly to bring our players a completely refreshed spawn area, a new clans system, play-time rewards system, phantom toggling and much more! Now is a better time than ever to start playing on the server. This update was in the works for multiple months and was worked on by many people out of their own time. We hope you will try out the server!

20th September, 2022  

We are back!

For the past 2 months, the server has been completely silent and offline, but, today, we finally managed to bring the server back online to the public, feel free to join now if you tried to join earlier and were not able to, we will appreciate you just stopping by even! In the near future we will be moving the server to better hardware, but, for now, it's fine, if you have any questions, join our Discord Guild.

15th August, 2022  

Celebrating the new year!

A lot has happened during this year, so many updates have been pushed, thousands of new players have experienced the server and I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to be a part of this community. Working on the server has never felt like a chore and I have always enjoyed working on the server and the loved community that plays on it, so thank you everyone.

31st December, 2021  

1.18.1 Update and a new website!

We have officially fully updated the server to 1.18.1 to support the new terrain generation and features, you can find the new terrain generation starting in newly generated chunks.

We have also just released the website you are reading this on and I sure hope that I will actively use this news feed.. ~ Triassic

19th December, 2021  

Common Info

It's all the new players been asking for tbh.

What even is this StupidCraft thing?

StupidCraft is a Minecraft SMP Server that supports both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition of Minecraft, the server is owned by jbob3mm, Triassic and Vokfi, our goal is to provide a survival experience without any annoying paywalls or extreme lag. We are a server to make new friends and enjoy memorable experiences on. We have made sure this is true on the previous iteration of StupidCraft. It hasn't changed at all.

How frequently does the server do scheduled reboots?

The server performs a scheduled reboot every 12 hours unless manually cancelled by a server administrator, server administrators can also perform manual server reboots and give players a warning about it 1 minute before it happens. The purpose of scheduled reboots is simple - everything needs to be rebooted eventually, even Minecraft servers, so to keep the good performance going, that's why reboots are required. Reboots are also required to add new features and fixes to the server.

Amount of Unique Players and Basic World Statistics.

As of writing this, on the 1st March 2023, the server has had 21,657 unique players ever and the total world size is 993.67 Gigabytes. The world is 1 year, 9 months and 17 days old. You can view live statistics by typing /worldstats on the server, it will output a message with all the relevant information.

Does the server perform world resets?

No. The server does not perform intentional resets. We want to keep the same world running for as long as possible. We perform monthly server backups to ensure that we do not completely lose all server data, that would be very unfortunate.

Where's the realm invitation?!?1

Whether you're a REALLY old player or just came from an old video from JBOB himself. There is no realm anymore. It was fully replaced with the StupidCraft server as hackers were really a common problem on the realm making it unplayable, again, say it with me, there is no realm invite.

What ever happened to StupidCraft 1.0?

StupidCraft 1.0 was the first iteration of the server as you know it right now, it was created on the 27th March, 2020. It was bedrock-only back then, so Java Edition players couldn't join. The server was closed due to falling demand for the server that was caused by the infamous homes reset, we decided to make a new version of the server considered StupidCraft 2.0, it was a success and was able to support Java Edition and solved all the issues the previous iteration had, we also are taking precautions to make sure such data loss never occurs again. The full world is currently downloadable here!

What hosting service do we run on?

We use a hosting service called WitherHosting, we are partnered currently with them. They provide great services and truly do provide good performance for a affordable price and you can make sure of that by looking at the performance on our server! If you do end up buying from them, use code JBOB at checkout for a discount ;)

Maybe you weren't thinking about what hosting service we're using and actually were thinking about the internal specifications of the server? Don't worry, we got you covered on that too.

Where can I report players or bugs on the server?

Before reporting a player, please ensure that you're not doing so just because you are mad at the player in question, calm down. If you're reporting a bug, please ensure you can replicate the bug more than once, we need to be able to replicate the bug to see what the issue is. If you still do meet all the requests above, go ahead and join our Discord Guild. and head to the #bug-and-player-report channel and tell us the details, if you are reporting a game-breaking issue, please Direct Message Triassic#3426 on Discord instead!

Very Epic Features worth joining the server for.

Party and Friends System
Homes, Warps and Player Teleportation
Server Spawn with Spawn Protection
Warp dedicated for Player Combat
Tree Feller
Explosive Physics
Quality of Life changes
Server Anticheat
Vein Miner
Ability to Sit on Stairs
Community Events
No Nether Roof Access
... and more to discover when you join the server already, I'm waiting for you :)

Server Rules

Follow the server rules to avoid punishment, simple, I think...

Game Modifications.

Game Modifications such as Mods, Texture Packs, External Clients and others are allowed, as long as they do not give any unfair advantage over other players of the server.

Temporary Ban

Advertising in Public Chat.

Advertising in Public Chat is not allowed. There are exceptions though, if you have the YouTuber or Streamer rank, you may advertise, but do not spam advertise.

Temporary Mute

Derogatory Terms or related.

Using derogatory terms in Public Chat or player-written methods such as signs or written books is not allowed. This is due to some people potentially finding it offensive to them

Temporary Mute

Abuse of Bugs or Exploits.

The abuse of bugs on the server is not allowed, this includes duplication glitches, anticheat bypasses, exploitation, using the world seed for unfair advantage or anything related.

Permanent Ban

Harassment and Bullying.

Harassment and Bullying on the server will not be tolerated and is also not allowed, we want to ensure that everyone feels good on the server.

Temporary Mute

Illegal Activities.

Illegal Activities such as leaking personal information, doxxing, threatening or anything related is not allowed and will lead to punishments being handed out.

Permanent Ban

Flooding Chat and Spamming.

Flooding the chat with duplicate messages, random messages or non-english characters / weird unicode is not allowed, spamming commands such as Teleportation commands is also not allowed.

Temporary Mute

Arguing with Staff Members.

You shouldn't have to argue with staff ever really, if you were punished, it's likely that the punishment was completely reasonable, no need to argue about it. Antagonizing staff is also not allowed.

Temporary Mute

Punishment Evasion.

The evasion of punishments in ways such as creating a new account, using a new IP Address or any other unlisted methods will lead to your punishment being extended.

Extended Punishment

Being involved with rule breaking.

Being involved in any way such as helping, giving resources or anything related with rule breakers without reporting them will cause your account to be punished alongside theirs.

Depends on Severity

Toxicity and Begging.

Being toxic in Public Chat is not allowed, keep in mind that swearing is still allowed though! Begging is also not allowed.

Temporary Mute

Disruption of Server System.

The disruption of the normal server system is not allowed. This means you are not allowed to access areas you shouldn't be in or using features in malicious unintended ways.

Temporary Ban

Redstone Limitations.

What does this mean? This means you are not allowed to use Redstone for malicious intent, such as the building of lag machines or anything else that could cause lag or make someone's game unplayable.

Permanent Ban

Unlisted Rules.

We're not perfect, we get it, we probably missed a rule and you're thinking whether to abuse it or not. Before you do, keep in mind it may still be not allowed and you may receive a punishment either way! If you want to find out whether something is banned or not, please ask in Discord Guild.

Depends on Severity